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Grenada’s Independence

Our flag flew high and voices sang
To greet our Independence Day.
Long road from Kalinago’s Camerhogne
Before the French held total sway.
Today our faces beam with pride
And hands held in patriotic grip
The road to self-determined height
Our heroes kept in their sight.
A dream they had of a future bright
When autonomy will mark the day
And Grenadians would assume the reigns
European Countries previously claimed.
Seventh of February Nineteen Seventy-four
A new nation then was born
Documented in the history books
So our children now can look.
They can read about William Galwey Donovan
And Theophilus Marryshow
Pillars of the integrated song
Still a hope was harbored long.
Other leaders we must lift up high
Eric Gairy helped pave the way
From darkness into the marvelous light
With God’s help, a future bright.

Kalinago….Name for the Caribs, early inhabitants of Grenada.
Camerhogne..The name the Caribs called Grenada
European countries previous claimed…Spain, France, and England.
French……Ruled Grenada for over 112 years
7th February 1974…Grenada gained Independence
William Galwey Donovan. Grenadian who led a movement against Crown Colony rule.
Theophilus Albert Marryshow..Known as the father of West Indian Federation which was formed in 1958 but ended in 1962.
Eric Matthew Gairy…Grenada’s first Prime Minister (1974)
From darkness into the Marvelous light..
‘Clarior e tenebris’ which translates “Brighter out of darkness,”


© 2015 Wendell DeRiggs

Forty-one- Press on or Perish

BIGDRUMNATION is back from a longish sabbatical.

We have returned just in time to be a part of the various events all meant to celebrate the Birth of the Nation.

The celebration of the Nation invites both joy and fear: joy for the possibilities that fly on the wings of a grand journey, and on the other hand a trembling fear of the construction of the new.

But we here.
We are at forty-one.
And 41 must face the truth- we must press on or we perish.

A Nation is a quilt of self-minded individuals. This fact is a source of strength and also of weakness.
The Nation succeeds to the extent to which it is able to forge at once consensus and competition.
A Nation is a work of a boundless imagination; it lives and it grows in the muck of creativity.

BIGDRUMNATION is a driver of creativity.

BIGDRUMNATION is a healing drum, it beats the rhythms of mutuality, progress, tolerance.

Three islands

One Nation

One Love

/s/ Caldwell Taylor, Martin Felix, Susan Patrice and Dominic Patrice

Primary School Students in North West St. Andrew to Battle in Independence Quiz

ST. GEORGE’S, GRENADA, Tuesday, February 3, 2015 – GIS: Primary schools in St. Andrew’s North West Constituency will compete for bragging rights and the title of quiz champion on Wednesday.

Three schools – Bylands Government, St. Michael’s RC and St. Mary’s will compete against each other in a quiz, part of the country’s 41st Independence anniversary celebrations.

Grade five students from the three schools will have their knowledge tested from 1PM on Wednesday February 3 at the Byelands Government School.

Officials in attendance for the event will include Mrs. Delma Thomas, Member of Parliament for St.Andrew’s North West constituency.