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Sister Eva Speaks Real Independence

“We have this church in the village. We have this church. The walls make out of mud, the roof with carrat leaves; a single hut with no steeple or cross or acolytes or white priests or Latin ceremonies. BUT IT IS OWN….. BLACK PEOPLE OWN IT”

-Sister Eva, in Earl Lovelace’s The Wine of Astonishment (Heinemann, 1983) p.32

A Better World is Possible with Women as Decision-Makers

women11c“If you’re talking about poverty, you need voice, participation and leadership for women; if you are talking about economy, you need voice and participation; if you’re talking education, you need women – both education for voice, participation and leadership, capacity -building , and you need them to be leaders”.

United Nations Women Deputy Executive Director Lakshmi Puri at the recent “Women in Power and Decision-making: Building a Different World”, held in Santiago, Chile, February 27-28, 2015.


March Past and the Redeeming Power of Memory

grenadacall_imageMarch 13, 2015


The young are forever too infantile to make proper sense of Leonard Cohen‘s ancient wisdom in “Anthem” in which the poet writes:

There is a crack, a crack in everything

That’s how the light gets in

That’s how the light gets in

Cohen’s poetic light flashes in the intensity of Umberto Eco’s essay “On Literature:

The novelist -moral philosopher should be heard at this hour of our debt.   

“There are non-material forces which cannot be measured precisely, but nonetheless carry weight”.

Contemplate the weight of weightlessness.

Beware the inflexible, for once upon a time on an island inflexibility rained blood on Lenin’s “precipitous path”.

Beware the toxic certainty of orthodoxy.


Caldwell Taylor


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CONNIE WILLIAMS: Restaurateur, Social Worker, Storyteller, and Author

Caldwell Taylor
March 9, 2015

Trinidadian Connie Williams opened the “Calypso Restaurant” on Mc Dougal Street [in New
York City] in 1943. She served up a West Indian cuisine, West Indian laughter and hot calypso: Connie`s place sizzled, and it sat a host of stars. Resturant

CLR James [1901-1989] and many other intellectual luminaries came to Connie’s to nyam, to jam to West Indian music and of course to talk radical politics. In those days James was the most learned of the Trotskyites: The so-called “Trots” were followers of Leon Trotsky [1879-1941], Russian revolutionary and Marxist theoretician who authored the theory of Permanent Revolution.

Connie did not confect theory; love was her practice; indeed a mighty love.

Connie’s place was kitchen and schoolhouse: she fed, she mentored, she taught, she mothered. “Jimmy” was perhaps the best-known of her many students.


From Connie’s kitchen Jimmy went on to become novelist, essayist, and public intellectual.

Yes: Jimmy Baldwin [1924-1987] washed dishes in Connie’s Calypso Restaurant.

To be continued…

Books by Baldwin

Go Tell It in the Mountain, 1953

Notes of a Native Son, 1955

Giovanni’s Room, 1956

Nobody Knows My Name, 1957

Another Country, 1963


March 8, 2015StatWmn

Today is International Women’s Day (IWD). Speaking at the February 27 and 28 conference under the title “Women in Power and decision-making: Building a Different World,” Winnie Byanyima, executive director of Oxfam International, told IPS:

“Women tend, when they’re in parliament, for example, to promote women’s rights legislation. When women are in sufficient numbers in parliaments they also promote children’s rights and they tend to speak up more for the interests of communities, local communities, because of their close involvement in community life”.PosterIWD

The February 27-28 conclave (held in the Chilean capital, Santiago) began with activities marking the 20th anniversary of the Fourth World Conference on Women, held in 1995 in the Chinese capital, Beijing.

Back in 1995 women accounted for a mere 11 percent of the world’s legislators. Fast-forward to 2015, women now make up 21.9% of parliamentarians around the world. The figure is still too low.

Although Grenada presently leads the English Speaking Caribbean with parliamentary representation in the lower house, with a 5 out of 15 ratio (33.3%), women are still under represented. The Grenada upper house is even less represented. Grenadians can also benefit from stronger legislation protecting women against gender violence and workplace discrimination.

Women in power tend to be more down-to-earth and far less theoretical than as in the case of men in high political office. What’s your say?  What steps can be taken to generally improve the lives of Grenadian women? How can representation be enhanced?

– A Big Drum Nation editorial

Leslie Arthur Julien Hutchinson, a Great Grenadian


March 7, 2015

It wouldn’t have been the roaring twenties in the United States without a Gouyaveman. Born March 7, 1900, Grenadian Leslie Arthur Julien Hutchinson was one of the biggest cabaret stars in the world during the 1920 – 30s. Better known as “Hutch”, he was one of the voices that made the 1920s become known as the ‘roaring 20s’.


Hutchinson took piano lessons as a child in Grenada before moving to New York City as a teenager. He later abandoned his interest in studying medicine and began playing the piano and singing in bars.

Hutch joined a black band led by Henry “Broadway” Jones in New York City that played for white aristocrats and millionaires, such as the Vanderbilts. He was targeted by racists such as Ku Klux Klan for his visibility and fame. Like many African Americans stars of the era, Hutch left the US for Europe in 1924 as a ‘shelter’ to racism.

According to wikipedia, quoting Michael Thornton inThe Royal Gigolo (2008):

He bought a Rolls-Royce, a grand house in Hampstead, patronised London’s best tailors, spoke five or six languages and was on friendly terms with the Prince of Wales. But he was still a black man in an era of racial discrimination. When he entertained at lavish Mayfair parties, his fee was large, but he was often obliged to go in by the servants’ entrance. This embittered him.

Martin Felix

HAVE YOU “MET” THESE WOMEN? (please add to the list)


international-womens-day-posterInternational Women’s Day [IWD] gives an opportunity to confront Misogyny – a woman- devouring monster. Misogyny stands for the banishment of women from the pages of history; and also from the social life of the community. “Women belong in the kitchen”, says one sage. Another says, “Women need to be behind their veils; for that is their God-appointed station”.

And who is that women –hating God?

Meet these women: (not an exhaustive list, please add)




May Fortune Doris Alexander Gert Protain Pansy Rowley Jacqueline Creft Eva Sylvester
Una Marson Elma Francois Phyllis Shand Allfrey Jean Rhys Bertha Mutt Mary Prince
Solitude Carlota Suzanne Sanite Belair Nita Barrow Elsa Goveia Lucille Mathurin Muir
Nanny Hilda Bynoe Beryl McBurnie Sybil Atteck Queen Mary Rajkumari Singh
Frances D’anglade Claudia Jones Alice Singh Louise Bennett Janet Jagan Kowsilla, and …


March 6, 1957:  Lord Kitchener and the Making of an African Nation

Caldwell Taylor
March 2015
A Nation is the site/sight of struggle, a thing calypsonian Black Wizard notes:
“If you want to get rid of Babylon and build a just Nation
You’ve got to struggle on and on”.
Preceding the Black Wizard by more than twenty years Lord Kitchener [1922-2000] heralded the Birth of Ghana.
Kitch sang:
The day will never be forgotten
The sixth of March 1957
When the Gold Coast successfully
Get the Independence officially
ghana national geo
And speaking at one of several Independence Dinners Prime Minister Nkrumah  said:
“Even today in the West Indies. it is possible to hear words and phrases which came form from the various languages of the  Gold Coast”.
Kitch was one of the godfathers of the new nation; he was of course joined by CLR “Netto” James and George Padmore.
A Nation is a peripatetic enterprise