A Grenada Poet a Day: Anthony Wendell DeRiggs


To Dream 

by Anthony Wendell DeRiggs


To dream,

To plough within

The depth of the soul.

Unearty the joy,

The desire

To shake off the gloom.

Embrace the hope,

And Rise!


To dream,

To find the seed

And nurture it.

Wrap yourself,

In the garb of confidence,

And water the urge,

That will bear the fruit,



Anthony Wendell DeRiggs is a Grenadian writer and poet living in Brooklyn, USA. He is the author of three books, Recollections of an Island Man,Island Reminiscences and Other Selections, and Reflections and Ole Talk. Emerging from a long family tradition of writers, storytellers, and folklorists, Mr. DeRiggs holds a BA in History from Brooklyn College.

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