My Sweet Grenada – Poem by Leslie Alexis

My Sweet Grenada – Poem by Leslie Alexis


What is it about this island
That makes it to all paradise?
Is it the people, plants, places
That bring smiles to all faces,
And when on parting, tears to eyes
That venture into this Heaven
On Earth land? Grenada, Spice Isle!

Maybe it is the pearly white sands
On the land’s natural beaches
To which the minutes from, one can
Count on two pairs of hands. The riches
Possessed by this lovely nation
Are Priceless, and cannot be stolen,
Pure treasures from in paradise, golden

And fresh like the young nutmeg.
Their souls are seasoned with cinnamon
And with fiery flames from the ginger
With sharp flavors from the saffron,
Then they’re finished off with a touch of clove
It is no surprise that the people burst with love.
And to stranger’s courteously they say

With a tipped hat, ‘have a good day! ‘
And then their smiles spread, which make
Strangers share blushes – and build bridges
For journeys to hearts that were otherwise
Pinnacle-lized like the luscious green
On the nation’s hills and mountains,
Where you can swing with monkeys,

And have a cool drink from the springs
After singing songs with Wellsi,
Then take a swim in the mouth, grand!
Of mother volcano, mama island.
Towns like; Gouyave, Grand Anse, Grand Etang!
Sweet Soca, Calypso and Parang!
Make for a time grand! in my treasure island.

Copyright © 2009 Leslie Alexis



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