The “Labourers March” on Sauteurs / Trinidad’s 1919-20 Stevedores Strike

o. Labour in the West Indies JacketThe “Labourers March” on Sauteurs (January 11, 1848) was the dramatic highpoint of an  industrial’ action initiated on December 22,1847,  arguably the dawn of collective political life in post-emancipation Grenada. Coming just a decade following the abolition of chattel slavery, the Sauteurs protest pitted ex-slaves against the former masters.


Labour Day in Grenada must remember the courage of the St Patrick’s labourers, the Country’s proto-trade unionists.




Trinidad’s 1919-20 Stevedore’s Strike enlarged the political  and ideological imagination of the “dock workers”.

This historic action produced several songs , including :

The English say we can live on two dollars

The English say we can live on two dollars

But listen to what we say,

Listen , boys, listen

Two dollars cyah maintain our family 

Down with the flag, everybody,  down with the flag

Hear what we say, and

Cheer, boys, cheer hart cover3

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