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Junior Calypso contestant

“Universities are tuning out thousands of reporters. They are quite bright and they don’t have to rhyme.” – Slinger Francisco (Mighty Sparrow).


Blue costumes

Blue Mas

Big Drum Nation wishes to extend congratulations to the thousands of our cultural artists, performers of all stripes, administrators and revelers that have worked assiduously for many months in making a successful Spice Mas 2015. Our heartiest congratulations go out to King Man Ajamu on being our Calypso Monarch for the second consecutive year and for an unprecedented nine times.


Kiddies Carnival

Special recognition also goes out to Rootsman Kelly (first runner up), and Baracka (the youngest participant and second runner up). Congratulations also to Short Pree on winning his third Groovy Monarch, but also to Elimus Gilbert (Inspector), and Jalon Olive (Boyzie), first and second runners up respectively. Very special congratulations to Junior Kaiso Monarch Heidi Charles, and runners up Joliba Regis and Nathan Johnson. In addition, special respect is due to all the artists and musicians that have taken part in the tents, and the various levels of competition.



Congratulations, Synnah! Winner of the 2015 Road March with the vivacious and creative “Jab on Sesame Street”. Hearty congratulations and recognition to all of the bands that took part in Panaroma 2015, but particularly to the champions Rebublic Bank Angel Harps (first place), Lime Commancheros (second place) and Coyaba New Dimension (third place). We also extend our appreciation to the Junior Panorama champions Lime Commancheros, as well as runners up Republic Bank Angel Harps and Suzuki Wiz Kids.

Ajamu - 2015 Calypso Monarch

Ajamu – 2015 Calypso Monarch

We applaud you for your hard work, passion, and dedication to our culture. We wish you success in abundance as you move on to attain even higher heights.







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