Independence and Nation-Making – Caldwell Taylor


 Independence and Nation-Making

 by Caldwell Taylor

A Nation is the ecstatic electricity that inhabits May Fortune’s* voice

Big Drum dance

A Nation is the healing thunder of Sugar Adams’ * drum
A Nation is a concert of comforting conceits
A Nation is  the repository of our dreams
And a Nation is the insurgent sea that lifts our boats
our nets 
our hopes 
our heroes 
our sheroes.
A Nation is a site and sight of struggle, a thing calypsonian “Black Wizard” noted:
If you want to get rid of Babylon and build a just Nation
You’ve got to struggle on and on…..”
* May Fortune (1909-1973)
*Furgueson “Sugar”  Adams (1890-1983)  
Caldwell Taylor is a former Grenada diplomat and editor of Big Drum Nation.

February 7, 2016

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