HAVE YOU “MET” THESE WOMEN? (please add to the list)


international-womens-day-posterInternational Women’s Day [IWD] gives an opportunity to confront Misogyny – a woman- devouring monster. Misogyny stands for the banishment of women from the pages of history; and also from the social life of the community. “Women belong in the kitchen”, says one sage. Another says, “Women need to be behind their veils; for that is their God-appointed station”.

And who is that women –hating God?

Meet these women: (not an exhaustive list, please add)




May Fortune Doris Alexander Gert Protain Pansy Rowley Jacqueline Creft Eva Sylvester
Una Marson Elma Francois Phyllis Shand Allfrey Jean Rhys Bertha Mutt Mary Prince
Solitude Carlota Suzanne Sanite Belair Nita Barrow Elsa Goveia Lucille Mathurin Muir
Nanny Hilda Bynoe Beryl McBurnie Sybil Atteck Queen Mary Rajkumari Singh
Frances D’anglade Claudia Jones Alice Singh Louise Bennett Janet Jagan Kowsilla, and …


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