AGE by Keisha-Gaye Anderson


by Keisha-Gaye Anderson
Age should
expand the iris
of your name
into a doorway
that lets the blazing
splintered through
come into clearer view
years should bloom
you like
a field of freesias
under the sun
of you mind
and unfurl you into
into one of the beautiful things
in time
your journey
in bone and skin
should mark
a firmly-trodden path
into clay
to make a way toward home
for those lost
in the thicket
we should not just grow up
but grow in
and study
the sound that
spawned the stars
we are uncoiling
toward the greatest
possibility of the
grandest idea
just to know
how fire exploded
from blackness
into a heartbeat
a grain of corn
an ocean tide
Age is tempering us
into something
the shape and
texture of the
April 19, 2015
© Keisha-Gaye Anderson
Born Kingston, Jamaica on April 19, Keisha-Gaye Anderson is a poet, professional writer, screenwriter, and transmedia producer with an M.F.A. in Creative Writing from The City College, CUNY. Her latest poetry book, “Gathering the Waters” (Jamii Publishing), was released in December 2014. You may visit her website at

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