What is Carnival to me (Renwick Herry)


Carnival is Pipey, Petet, Mals Jim, Lena and Tan Tan stick fighting in Tivoli junction.


Playing jab jab at 7 -years old, and wineing to the rhythm of the drum.


Wearing headpiece of house, donkey, boat and  plane made with bamboo and coloured tissue paper, dressed in velvet and satin costumes.


Timber , Otway, Jocan and Dadday, play- acting the role of doctor, midwife, and dispenser with tababy in box collecting a penny to sound and get you well.


The old carnivals of my childhood were portraits of facts and also fantasy.



Renwick Herry.


Renwick Herry is a master drummer and  leader of Toronto’s Drum Theatre Group.

carnival grenada

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